Custom Bird Breeding Cages


  • Made for breeding
  • Custom dimensions
  • Available as a rigid cage or in panel form
  • Available as mesh-only structure OR with 8mm frame OR with a square tubing frame
  • Mesh sizing options depending on bird breed and size
  • Feeding bowl and feeder options, cut outs for breeding boxes, door options and customisation options available on request
  • Feeding cages and frames available to attach to cages
  • Option to have cage as a hanging cage




Our Custom Bird Breeding Cages are the perfect solution for bird breeders who want to provide their feathered friends with a living space tailored to their breeding needs. These cages are fully customizable, allowing you to choose the dimensions, mesh sizing, and even add feeding bowls, cut-outs for breeding boxes, door options, and more!

Our cages are available in both rigid and panel form, making it easy to customise your bird breeding space to your specific needs. With mesh sizing options that are tailored to your bird’s specific needs, you can rest assured that your pets will be safe and secure in their new home.

You can also choose from a variety of feeding bowl and feeder options, as well as cut-outs for breeding boxes. Additionally, our range of feeding cages can also be attached to these cages. And, for added customisation, our cages are available with door options and other customizations upon request.

Our bird breeding cages are also available as a hanging cage, allowing you to conserve floor space and create a unique and attractive display for your birds.

Whether you’re a seasoned bird breeder or new to the hobby, our Custom Bird Breeding Cages are the perfect choice for providing your feathered friends with a safe and comfortable living space that’s customized to their breeding needs.