Custom Crest Cages

Our Custom Crest Cages are the perfect solution for bird owners who want to provide their feathered friends with a comfortable and secure living space. These cages are built with the same features as our Crest Range cages but they are fully customizable, allowing you to choose the dimensions, mesh sizing and pattern.  This customization extends to adding play stations, feeders, door options and more!

You can choose between a vertical or horizontal mesh pattern, depending on your bird’s preferences and habits. For added style and durability, our cages are available with powder coating or electroplating options.

Our Custom Crest cages are a good choice for providing your feathered friend with a safe and comfortable living space that’s customized to their needs.




  • Custom dimensions
  • Available as powder coated or electroplated cage
  • Side-open or drop-down gate options
  • Vertical or horizontal mesh options
  • Mesh size options: 100×25 and 100×20
  • Removable grid and trays
  • Top perch
  • Swivel out feeding bowls
  • Options to include play stations