Custom Deluxe Aviaries

Our Custom Deluxe Aviaries are the pinnacle of avian luxury and personalization. Crafted to provide a secure and bespoke living space for your feathered companions, these aviaries are the epitome of style, comfort, and functionality.

These deluxe aviaries are fully customizable, offering you the freedom to shape your avian paradise to your precise specifications. Choose the dimensions, mesh options, and patterns that best accommodate your birds’ unique needs.

The aviaries feature sturdy square tubing frames and a range of mesh options. Our custom deluxe aviaries are available with electroplating, galvanizing, or powder coating finishes. For added functionality, there are options to include protective sheeting, shielding your birds from the elements and ensuring their comfort in all weather conditions.


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  • Custom dimensions
  • Square tubing frames
  • Mesh options: 100×20, 100×25, 25×25 OR 25×13
  • Available in bolt-together panels or as a rigid structure
  • Option to add protective sheeting as required
  • Available as galvanised, powder coated or electroplated aviary