Custom Economy Aviaries

Our Custom Economy Aviaries are the perfect solution for avian enthusiasts who seek an affordable yet personalized space for their feathered companions. These aviaries offer a secure and customizable haven for your birds.

These aviaries are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor the design to your specific preferences. You have the flexibility to choose the dimensions, various mesh options, and patterns that cater to your birds’ unique needs.

Constructed with an 8mm frame, these aviaries provide a reliable and secure environment for your feathered friends.  Our economy aviaries are galvanized. You can choose for the aviary to come in individual panels or a rigid structure.

There is an option to include protective sheeting. This extra feature enhances the functionality of your aviary and ensures your birds stay comfortable in varying weather conditions.



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  • Custom dimensions
  • 8mm frame
  • Mesh options: 25×13 OR 25×25
  • Available in panels or as rigid structure
  • If ordered as panels, available as panels with lugs OR panels used with binding wire OR panels used with cable ties
  • Option to add protective sheeting as required
  • Galvanised