Two Door Cat Trap with Internal Containment Gate (T7)

Our high-quality cat traps are designed with humane and TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) practices in mind. Our cat trap is the ultimate solution for safely and humanely trapping cats for TNR procedures or relocation.

This cat trap features a step-on mechanism and an internal containment gate. The step-on plate ensures that no harm is done to the animal during the trapping process. The internal containment gate further enhances the safety and security of the trapped cat.

Our cat trap is TNR approved, meaning it meets the standards set by SPCAs, NGOs, and related organizations for safe and humane trapping practices.

The trap is electroplated for durability and long-lasting use. Our cat trap is available in two variants: regular and extra length.

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  • Humane and TNR approved
  • No harm done to animals
  • Step on gate mechanism
  • Two gates
  • Internal containment gate
  • Used by SPCAs, NGOs and related organisations
  • Electroplated
  • Dimensions: 90cm(L) X 30cm(W) X 30cm(H)
  • Priced at R2 200.00 per T7 cat trap – pricing includes shipping to all major centres in South Africa