Custom Kennels


  • Custom dimensions
  • Made with square tubing
  • Available as a rigid structure or in bolt together panels
  • Roofing, doors, etc. all available to customise kennels
  • Priced options available on request.



Our Custom Kennels are the ideal solution for pet owners who want to provide their furry friends with a comfortable and secure living space that’s tailored to their needs. These custom kennels are fully customizable. This allows you to choose the dimensions, structure type, as well as the additions of roofing, doors, and more!

The kennels are made with a durable square tubing frame. They are available as a rigid structure or in bolt-together panels. This allows for easy installation and customization of your pet’s living space.

Whether you need a small kennel for a single dog or a large dog run for multiple pets, our custom solutions can accommodate any need.