Custom Cat Cages & Catios

Our Custom Cat Cages and Catios are the ultimate solution for feline enthusiasts who want to create a secure and personalized haven for their beloved cats. Our custom cat enclosures are designed to cater to your cat’s unique needs and your individual preferences.

The cat cages and catios are fully customizable. You have the freedom to choose the dimensions, mesh sizing, and pattern that suits your feline friend’s requirements. Enhance their living space by adding play stations, sleeping ledges and more.

For both style and longevity, our cat cages and catios come with the choice of powder coating or electroplating finishes.

Whether you’re a seasoned cat owner or new to feline companionship, our Custom Cat Cages and Catios are the ultimate choice for providing your precious feline with a secure, comfortable, and personalized living space.




  • Custom dimensions
  • Galvanised, powder coated or electroplated options
  • Available with or without a back panel – units with no back panel are ideal for being bolted to a wall.
  • Available with mesh roof or plated roof
  • Bolt together panels


Additional information


120cm(L)x120cm(W)x180cm(H), 180cm(L)x180cm(W)x180cm(H), 180cm(L)x120cm(W)x180cm(H), 240cm(L)x120cm(W)x180cm(H), 240cm(L)x240cm(W)x180cm(H), 240cm(L)x180cm(W)x180cm(H), 300cm(L)x200cm(W)x180cm(H), 300cm(L)x300cm(W)x180cm(H), 300cm(L)x200cm(W)x240cm(H), 300cm(L)x300cm(W)x210cm(H), 300cm(L)x300cm(W)x240cm(H), 360cm(L)x240cm(W)x240cm(H), 360cm(L)x120cm(W)x180xm(H), 360cm(L)x240cm(W)x180cm(H), 400cm(L)x300cm(W)x200cm(H), 400cm(L)x200cm(W)x180cm(H)

Back panel

Back Panel, No Back Panel (Bolt to wall)


50×50, 100×50


Mesh, Plated