Budget Type Parrot Breeding Cages: Five in a Row

This five cage is ideal for breeding, rearing or for use as a display cage. Each cage is separated by a metal divider.

Our budget type parrot breeding cage is perfect for breeding, rearing, or displaying your feathered friends. The unit comes with five cages in a row and each cage is separated by metal dividers. Choose from options for electroplating and galvanising as well as the option to add on a stand for your convenience. This cage provides ample space for your parrots to thrive.

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  • Five cages in a row
  • Dimensions: 90cm(L)x90cm(W)x90(H) per cage
  • Separated by metal dividers
  • 100×25 mesh
  • Options for electroplating and galvanising
  • Option to include a stand